Monday, January 24, 2011

Kel-ing me softly, with his Tweets…

It wasn’t until I started following Casey Kelly (@caseykelly23) on Twitter that I began to take notice of this top rated prospect in a more colloquial way. I was well aware of his athletic background and his work on the diamond, but now I was "friends" with THE Casey Kelly, ready to hang on his every tweet and laugh at his audacious wit and humor…he’s not following me, yet, but when he does I know the feelings will be mutual!

Now Kelly’s Twitter feed doesn't hit home like other outspoken athletes and it certainly does not entertain like a blockbuster movie might, but he does make you feel like you’re sitting in the same room with him, sipping some oolong tea and talking about whatever's going on in the world. He gives you that that campy, bubble gummy, minty-fresh feeling with his tweets. He keeps it real while keeping it simple:

Tell me about it Case!

We were with him as trade rumors swirled back in December and recall how he remained poised and stoic to his mighty flock of followers. He made sure to choose his response wisely and speak candidly. Then he dropped this amazing 140-character prose upon us:

So genuine and earnest…it just has to be heart-breaking to go to a place with an average temp of 80 degrees.

He was there to help teammate and trade mate Anthony Rizzo (@rizzman25) when he started his own Twitter account. Of course this included a little bit of that 21st century locker room ribbing that comes with the territory:

Hilarious Kel! It's funny 'cuz it's true! (Update: @rizzman25 now knows how to write back FYI).

He champions the feeds of his fellow comrades of the diamond, consistently pleading with us to give them a follow and see what they have to offer. Some are hit and miss…

You know I trust you CK, but I’m two more awful @datdudeBP tweets away from dropping him.

Recently he even brought us along as he made a trip out to San Diego to visit his new ballclub. This is the kind of direct, at-the-moment, first-hand information that makes something like this worthwhile.

Who doesn’t love hearing about a warm beach on a cold New England day?

Recently Baseball America named Kelly the #1 prospect in the San Diego Padres system only two months after receiving the honor as the Sox #1 guy following the 2010 season and one month after being traded for Adrian Gonzalez.

I’m just afraid that in leaving the Red Sox system, Kelly will no longer be a part of the daily lives of New England baseball fans like he used to be and I’m afraid that it will tear apart what we've built here. I don’t know if I can handle long distance relationtwits.

But just as easy as Twitter gives, it takes away. I shall now seek out a new local prospect to be my faux-migo…I’ve got my eye on you Will Middlebrooks!

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