Saturday, May 1, 2010

May Promos

With the first month of the season in the books, it's time to take a look at the best promos being presented by the locals for the month of May. We've already experienced the thrill of Opening Day four times over (my favorite "promo" if ever there was one)! McCoy Stadium hosted Star Wars Day, the Fisher Cats gave away Ted Williams bobbleheads, Portland turned the clocks forward versus Trenton as both teams wore the uniforms of the Red Sox and Yankees and there were enough fireworks to keep up happy until the Fourth of July...but we've only just begun my friends. Check out what's in store:

New Britain Rock Cats
May 8th - "Stop Germs Night" Card Giveaway (Free cards and no germs...sounds like a great plan)
May 9th - Mother's Day Celebration with Pre Game Brunch (If your mom is a baseball nut, then take her out to the ballgame on her day)
May 22nd - Dancing Christopher (What's a Dancing Christopher you ask? I did a little extra research for us all and I think it's best for you to just see it for yourself here ... because I'm not fully sure how to describe it for you)
May 23 - Mascot Day with Baseball Giveaway and Pre-Game Kickball Match (Mascots playing kickball sounds VERY intriguing. The Rock Cats have 7 mascots that are listed on their website...not sure if they plan to bring in any ringers to fill out their kickball roster)
May 25 - Rock Cats Super Star Poster Giveaway Set (It's good to see they still make posters...not sure who the "Super Star" is, but based on the way the Cats are playing, it may be someone from another team)
May 26 - Baseball Giveaway (Free baseballs...nice and simple)

New Hampshire Fisher Cats
May 1st - Bucket Hat Giveaway (I know you only have mere hours to get to this one...but if you love bucket hats and baseball and AMAZING weather, then I suggest you get going!)
May 2nd - Tote Bag Giveaway (To carry your bucket hat in...)
May 4th - Magnetic Schedule Giveaway ( put in your tote bag)
May 14th - Jon Lester Bobblehead Night (First 2,000 fans get a bobble head of everyone's favorite lefty hurler for the Sox)
May 16th - Fisher Cats Penant Giveaway (First 1,000 fans can show their love at home with a Fisher Cats penant)
May 30th - Fisher Cats Kids T-Shirt Giveaway (First 1,000 kids get a Fisher Cats t-shirt)

Pawtucket Red Sox
May 14th - The Earth ZooMobile from Southwick's Zoo (A ZooMobile? I assume this means animals will be at the park...probably different animals than the ones you see at Fenway during a Sox/Yankees game)
May 15th - Thomas the Tank Engine's Birthday Celebration (Find me a kid who doesn't love Thomas the Tank Engine, I dare ya!)
May 16th - 14th Annual Principal Financial Group Family Fun Fest (Family, fun and fest are back at it again. Only good things happen when you put these three words together and when you have 14 years of doing so, it can only get better)
May 28th - PawSox Webkinz Night (Here was something else I had to do a little research on, and much like Dancing Christopher I can't describe this one. So maybe someone else you know can help to explain what a Webkinz is. I think it's a little stuffed animal, but I could be wrong...maybe I should just go to Pawtucket to check it out)

Portland Sea Dogs
May 11th - Daisuke Matsuzaka Bobblehead Night (First 1,000 fans through the gates gets the Dice-K bobble head, but I assume you will be battling it out with the throngs of Japanese media, so get their early)
May 31st - Catch on the Field Day (Your chance to play catch with your kid or your dad or your buddy, right on Hadlock Field from 10:00am to sure to warm up the arm first)

And don't forget about KRAFT Singles Tuesdays which take place at all of the ballparks. Buy a ticket, bring a KRAFT Singles wrapper and get a free's just that easy...and that awesome! Take advantage of this offer whenever you get a chance (and whenever you have the cheese). Click here for more details about this great offer that runs all season long.

What's that you say? Didn't get you fill of fireworks?
Here's a list of May's Firework Nights across the region:
New Britain - 7th, 21st
New Hampshire - 13th, 15th, 28th, 29th
Pawtucket - 30th
Portland - 21st

So get on out there and enjoy some great baseball action. The weather is getting nicer by the minute, as are the promos. Enjoy!

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