Saturday, May 29, 2010

June Promos

Things are about to go full throttle here for the rest of the season. Mid-June marks the kick-off of the New York-Penn League, giving us three more teams to add to the summer slate of regional Minor League action. Plus the start of Summer is upon us, so plan now for optimal enjoyment.

And what better way to enjoy the great weather than to take in some great baseball action. Here are some of the best promos around New England for the month of June:

Connecticut Tigers
No Promos Listed On Website (we will follow up on this before their season begins)

Lowell Spinners
June 21st - Magnetic Schedule Giveaway/Home Opener (Massachusetts only Minor League team kicks off another season at LaLacheur Park)
June 22nd - Cooler Bag Giveaway (Maybe you like your drinks cold...maybe you don't)
June 23rd - NASCAR night (Not sure what the plan is, but I assume some cars and drivers will stop by on their way to the races in Loudon, New Hampshire that weekend...a NASCAR crowd is ALWAYS a lively crowd)
June 24th - $1000 Hot Dog Night (The Spinners are stuffing money in the hot dog wrappers, so eat up! $1000 will be spread out across the park in random dog wrappers..."Utah, gimme two!")
June 25th - Thomas the Tank Engine's Birthday (Another round of Thomas for the kids, if you happened to miss his trip through Pawtucket earlier in the season)

New Britain Rock Cats
June 1st - Backpack Giveaway (Sure it's a bit early to start picking up "back-to-school" items, but kids 12 and under can think of it more as a "travel" bag)
June 4th - Post Game Fireworks
June 5th - Fan Choice T-Shirt Giveaway (The Rock Cats had a contest where fans could vote on which player should be featured on a t-shirt. They will reveal the winner that night when they hand out the shirts)
June 6th - Zooperstars! Mascot Act (A pack of insane, inflatable mascots will be running around the park all night long....that's them to the right---->)
June 15th - Grilling Tool Giveaway (It's presented by Kayem, who know a few things about proper grilling, and besides your spatchula is getting a bit disgusting)
June 25th - Post Game Pyro Special Effects Show (So this sounds a bit more interesting and upbeat than the normal fireworks show...not saying there is anything wrong with the fireworks)
June 27th - Hat Giveaway (No details on what kind of hat or how many are available...soooo, enter at your own risk if you're just going for the hat)
June 28th - Lunch Cooler Giveaway (Go to this night and the Spinners "Cooler Giveaway" on the 22nd and keep EVERYTHING cold!)

New Hampshire Fisher Cats
June 4th - Atlas Fireworks Show (The first of four Atlas Fireworks shows in June)
June 5th - Atlas Fireworks Show
June 6th - Hat Giveaway (First 2,000 fans get a free Fisher Cats hat, which will cover your face from the lazy Sunday sun)
June 17th - Atlas Fireworks Show
June 19th - Atlas Fireworks Show/Halloween Night (Sure it's some 4 months until "actual" Halloween, but the Fisher Cats are giving you an excuse to test your costume NOW...and there throwing in some fireworks to add to the mayhem)
June 20th - Golf Towel Giveaway (What better way to spend Father's Day than at the ballpark? The first 1,000 fans will get a free golf towel, so it's like an extra (free) gift for dad...but I'm sure he's cool with just the baseball and your company)
June 28th - Mini Bat Giveaway (The first 1,000 fans will get a Fisher Cats Mini Bat...older brothers will test these out on their younger siblings, I assure you)
June 29th - Baseball Giveaway (The first 1,000 fans will get a Fisher Cats logo baseball, which will be tough to hit with your mini-bat that you got the day before)
June 30th - Webkinz Giveaway (I still can't figure these things out, but every team is giving them away...ask your kids if they want one)

Pawtucket Red Sox
June 2nd - Baseball Giveaway (The first 3,000 fans ages 14 and under will received a Paw Sox baseball...I still firmly believe in the power of a free baseball)
June 3rd - Junk Ball Night (Again the first 3,000 fans ages 14 and under are the lucky winners of a Junk Ball...which I had to look up and apparently it's a whiffle ball game with a lot more structure...I HAVE TO PLAY THIS)
June 15th - Red Sox Legends Night (There are no names listed for the evening's affair, but if they put the words "Red Sox" and "Legends" together, then you're sure to see something great)
June 18th - Bat Night Giveaway (The first 4,000 fans ages 14 and under will get a free Nokona Paw Sox bat)
June 30th - Foam Finger Night (Who's Number 1? Uhhhh, you are if you happen to be one of the first 3,000 fans aged 14 and under)

Portland Sea Dogs
June 4th - Tom Sadge as Neil Diamond (He's coming to Portland, Maine...THIS DAY! Terrible, I know, but it's a Neil Diamond impersonator, so what do you want from me?)
June 15th - Zooperstars! (Wow, these guys are EVERYWHERE! Refer to the above photos in the Rock Cats Promos if you need a refresher on who these guys are)
June 17th - Fireworks (That's how it's listed...plain, simple and to the point)
June 30th - Junichi Tazawa Bobblehead Giveaway (Although he's out for the season after Tommy John surgery, the first 1,000 fans can remember what he looks like in his Sea Dogs uni...if their only memories of him happen to include a head bigger than his torso)

Vermont Lake Monsters
June 18th - Magnetic Schedule Giveaway (It's Opening Day for the Lake Monsters and you get something to hold up your amazing artwork on the fridge too!)
June 19th - Autograph Book Giveaway (There are no athletes more accessible than Minor League ballplayers, so it's best to get their autograph now before they hit the "big time")
June 20th - Have a Catch Sunday (Another great Father's Day full of baseball...after the game you can play catch on the field and the first 225 kids on the field get a free ball)
June 22nd - Nationwide NASCAR night (It's great to see two of America's tried-and-true sports teaming up with the races in Loudon, New Hampshire set for the weekend of June 26-27)

Of course I would be remiss if I did not remind you about the KRAFT Singles Tuesdays which take place at all of the ballparks. Buy a ticket, bring a KRAFT Singles wrapper and get a free's just that easy...and that awesome! Take advantage of this offer whenever you get a chance (and whenever you have the cheese). Click here for more details about this great offer that runs all season long.

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