Thursday, May 19, 2011

Live Blog: Binghamton Mets vs. New Hampshire Fisher Cats 5/19/11

8th inning - Evan Crawford on for the Fisher Cats and this guy deals with a purpose. A quick K of Josh Satin, then Salomon Manriquez grounds one right back to Crawford. But Brahiam doubles down the left field life Brahiam! A walk and a Eric Campbell single scores Brahiam...Campbell sizzled his bat at the handle and the barrell went towards the filled stands, but somehow managed to miss everyone thankfully. Carlos Guzman grounds to Hech at short to end the Mets only real rally of the day.

Yan Gomes gets hit by a Erik Turgeon to start the bottom of the eighth. A strikeout of Mark Sobolewski is followed up by a 6-4-3 double play. Fisher Cats lead 7-2.

7th inning - B.J. LaMura on to pitch for the Fisher Cats and gets the chance for the rare four out inning after bouncing one past Gomes on a strikout of Lorenzo Scott. Jordany Valdespin becomes that fourth out on a K, but tosses his bat and gets ejected...Mets manager Wally Backman came out and had a very heated debate with the home plate umpire, but he still remains in the game.

Gose leads off the bottom of the 7th with a single to right, but chooses not to steal on the very next pitch...interesting strategy...or maybe trying not to rub things in at this point in the game. Gose does not advance as the next three batters go down via the flyout. Fisher Cats lead 7-1.

6th inning - OK, so I got some pics from around the ballpark, but am having some issues in getting some of them up...we'll keep trying though and at the very least we'll have them up later today once I get to my home base. Anyways, poor Brad Holt left the game after four innings, 8 walks and 4 wild pitches. Unfortunately for the BMets, his replacement, Brandon Sage came on in the top of the fifth and game up a double, home run and single before being pulled from the game without getting one out. The Mets did manage to score one in the bottom of the sixth on another crazy play that I can't even begin to try to explain right now, should my brain explode right on the spot! Been one of those games all around.

In the top of the sixth, Rey Gonzalez ran into a bit of trouble with runners on 1st and 2nd with only one out, but was bailed out by the ol' 4-6-3 double play.

In the bottom half of the inning the Mets induce three ground ball outs, althought Mastroianni was called out on another questionable call when Mets shortstop Jordany Valdespin decided to take his sweet time. Fisher Cats lead 7-1.

3rd inning - Another uneventful top half of the inning as Gonzalez appears to be on cruise control, allowing only one harmless walk.

Brad Holt starts the bottom half off by walking Anthony Gose again...bad idea as Gose steals second on the first pitch to McDade. That's two steals for Gose today and 17 on the season, good enough for second in the Eastern League...and man is he fast...just great to watch out there. Holt on the other hand is not so great to watch as he walks McDade for his sixth base on balls of the game...YIKES! No one even warming up in the BMets pen. On the bright side, he is throwing a 2-hitter (as I shake my head). Annnnnnd ANOTHER wild pitch from Holt and Gose almost scores from second. Nanita sac-flies in Gose for a 5-0 Cats lead...and still no one up in the BMets pen. Yan Gomes is the recepient of walk number seven!

Now I'm going to walk around the park for a bit to try and capture some of the action for you.

2nd inning - A very easy top half of the second as the BMets go down 1-2-3.

John Tolisano hits his first home run of the season, a solo shot to deep right-center. Then Brad Holt walks Mastroianni, Holt's fourth walk of the game. Adeiny Hechavarria hits one in the hole at third, a diving Eric Campbell makes a great stop, throws to second to get Mastroianni, but the throw to first was not in time., However the umpire ruled that Mastroianni interfered with the second baseman and a double play was issued...Darrin is not too happy...I told you baseball people are NOT morning's starting to show.

Today's paid attendance is 6,862; the largest crowd of the year at Northeast Delta Dental Stadium and these kids are a raucous bunch

1st Inning - First pitch thrown at 10:37 am, a strike from Rey Gonzalez to Jordany Valdespin. Second pitch hit solidly to the outfield for a single, followed up by a walk to Josh Satin and a botched 4-6-3 double play which only managed to cut down Satin at second base. Brahiam Moldonado strikes out....Brahiam....Brahiam...still trying to figure that name out, may take all game. The Cats manage to get out of the inning unscathed thanks to a groundout to second by Allan Dykstra.

By the end of the first half inning I have realized that I may be the only actual "media" in here least I'm calling myself media since there is no one else around to refute it. Thankfully I'll be kept company all day long by my favorite official scorers duo of Chick and Frank...never a dull moment I assure you.

In the bottom half of the first the Fisher Cats led off with a couple of lazy fall ball outs. Anthony Gose walked, then stole second on the very first pitch, then a wild pitch moved him over to third, then he is balked home for the game's first run. BMets manager Wally Backman was none too pleased about how all that went down. That was a strange series of events to say the least. And Brad Holt's control issues rear their ugly head early as he tossed one to the backstop to walk Mike McDade then follows that up by hitting Moises Sierra. Ricardo Nanito hits a slot single up the box, scoring McDade and pushing Sierra to third. Then things got really strange! Holt throws another wild pitch moving Nanita up to second, but as BMets catcher tried to collect the ball for a throw to second, he kicked it away allowing Sierra to score...crazy, crazy inning ends on a Yan Gomes fly out to left.

After 1 full inning the Fisher Cats are up 3-0

Side note, if I disappear for a few innings, it's because I'm trying to get some pics from around the park...if I even dare to venture out into the sea of school children that flood this place today.

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