Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Live Blog: Paw Sox @ Red Wings

Pawtucket 2
Rochester 4

W- Hendriks (4-4)
L - Weiland (8-10)
S- Waldrop (2)

Top 9
Kyle Waldrop in relief of Hendriks. His final line: 8IP, 3H, 1ER, 6K, 0BB.
Lin, Luna, Youk due up for the Paw Sox.
Lin lifts one to left. 1 down.
Luna gets decent wood on the ball but hits it right at Dinkelman. 2 outs.
Youkilis bomb to left center. Rough estimate 395ish? 4-2 Rochester.
Lavarnway down to his final strike and he bounces out to 3rd.

Bottom 8
Atchison in and another quick half inning as Tolbert, Chang, and Bailey all go down. 2 hours and 10 minutes in as we go to the 9th. Youk laid out for a ball at 3rd to get Bailey and made the play. Very nice!

Top 8
Liam Hendriks strikes out the side. Carroll, Spears, and Iglesias all down swinging. 6Ks on the night. Not much to say about the Paw Sox offense tonight.

Top and Bottom 7
I'm guilty of visiting a co-worker so this is very Readers Digest: Paw Sox went down 1-2-3 and Rochester has Bates leadoff with a walk only to be caught stealing for the 3rd out. Score remains 4-1. Of note, Junichi Tazawa pitched the 7th for Pawtucket and looked effective minus his lone walk. 14 pitches and 8 strikes.

Bottom 6
Brett Carroll lays out for a ball down the right field line but doesn't make the play. Bailey ends up on 2nd with a double and Lambin drives him in with 2 outs. 4-1 Rochester.

Top 6
Hendriks gets another 1-2-3 inning with Youkilis flying out to center. 7 pitches in 3 at-bats for Youkilis tonight. Hard to tell if he hasn't been selective enough or if Hendriks is doing a good job pitching to contact. I'll go with the latter due to Youk's typical plate approach.

Bottom 5
Fanboy alert: As Trevor Plouffe is showing no signs of being sent down, Fernandez is quickly rising to the occasion to take over for next season. You have been warned!
A Roberts double was squandered after Tolbert flew out to left to end the inning.

Top 5
Daniel Nava breaks up 4 innings of no-hit ball with a leadoff double. Anderson, who was 3-4 last night, flies out to the track. Brett Carroll follows with a single and Spears drives him in with a sac-fly.
Iglesias singles down the right field line and Dinkelman throws to second. They consequently send Carroll and Tolbert throws him out at home as Fernandez hangs on to the ball. Carroll hit him pretty hard...what a play. 3-1 Rochester.

Bottom 4
Dustin Martin singles through the hole in left side of the infield but Weiland gets a strike-him-out, throw-him-out double play followed by a Dinkelman K to end the inning unscathed.

Top 4
Kevin Youkilis flies out to edge of the warning track in left center following Luna's popout to short. Ryan Lavarnway then gets thrown out at first by a nice barehanded play by Chase Lambin.

Bottom 3
Matt Tolbert lifts the first pitch he sees to left and his struggles continue. Ray Chang follows by grounding out to Youkilis who looks like himself tonight. Doesn't seem like the back is playing an issue. Bailey ends the inning by grounding out to Iglesias. So effortless at short.

Top 3
Hendriks starts out the inning by hitting Carroll. Looked to me the hand or wrist but he looks fine.
***Brian Dinkelman just absolutely robbed Spears of a 2R HR at the wall in right. Perfectly timed jump! Lin down looking to end the top. Dinkelman gets a standing ovation as he comes off the field. Rochester leads 3-0.

As far as September callups are concerned, don't look past Dinkelman to get another shot with the Twins. Gardenhire likes his versatility as he can be slotted at 2B as well as the corner OF spots.

Bottom 2
Jair Fernandez, recently called up from AA New Britain, drilled a 2-out double to left scoring Aaron Bates. 3-0 Rochester with all runs being produced with 2 outs.

Top 2
Hendriks continues to look solid, getting the Paw Sox 1-2-3 again. I love this kid's stuff and his ability to pitch effectively to contact. 81K 18BB in 90 IP for New Britain and, coming into tonight, 24K and 3BB for Rochester. Looks confident on the rubber.

Bottom 1
Rochester jumps on Kyle Weiland early after Matt Tolbert walks on 5 pitches. A 2-out RBI double for Jeff Bailey followed by an RBI single for Dustin Martin make it 2-0 Rochester. Martin is caught stealing to end the frame.

Top 1
Rochester starter Liam Hendriks very economical in the first, mowing down the Paw Sox 1-2-3 with 11 pitches. Kevin Youkilis bounced out to 3rd.

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