Monday, August 23, 2010

Mastro Hits the Books Again

Despite a dismal, steady rain falling all day long, the Fisher Cats and Rock Cats gutted it out for nine inning in Manchester yesterday. I like when they simply play out the frames even though the rain is coming down. There was never a time when it was coming down hard enough to delay the game, which they didn't need since this one kicked around the three hour mark.

One player that I was keeping an eye on was Darin Mastroianni, in hopes that we would see some history made. His next stolen base would set the franchise mark for most in a season. I was sure that if he got on base that he was going for it in an effort to get it done in front of the home crowd.

He doubled in his 1st at bat and there was no steal attempt made of third. He walked in the 5th but Jonathan Diaz was in front of him, so it wasn't happening this time. He reached on a fielders choice in the 6th and the time was right as he stood at first with no traffic in front of him. Mastroianni got a great lead and a decent enough jump on his way to second base, but he was gunned down on a perfect throw from New Britain catcher Jeff Howell.

With the rain still beating down on the field, I figured there was no way they'd send him again if he got on. And he did get on again with a single in the bottom of the 8th. Just like that, Mastroianni made history...but not by way of stolen base. The single was Darin's 143rd hit on the season, tying the franchise mark set in 2004 by Dominic Rich. So I did get to see some history go down!

The folks in Trenton will probably get to see Mastroianni set both the stolen base and hits records at some point over these next three games. As we've noted many times over the past few weeks, he and fellow outfielder Eric Thames are lighting a flame to the team record book this season and it's been fun keeping an eye on it all. We will certainly keep you updated on their runs at history.

I got some nice pics of Mastroianni's last at bat which I will post up below with some of the other, better pics of the day that I was capable of capturing (click on the individual photos for a larger, clearer view).

At the knees for a strike

Bearing down on history

Hit #143 on the year

#10 Evan Bigley

#27 Estarlin De Los Santos

Fisher Cats Clint Everts (top); Rock Cats Tony Davis (middle); Fisher Cats Alan Farina (bottom)

Cates to Parmelee for the out

Fisher Cats win

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