Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Live blog from LeLacheur 6/28/11

I can't promise constant updates tonight, but we'll update as much as we can throughout the night here and on Twitter (@BeyondFenway)...the Vermont Lake Monsters take on the Lowell Spinners on a perfect night for baseball...

9th Inning:
Outfielder Moko Moanaroa comes on to pitch the top of the ninth for the Spinners...his first appearance on the hill this season. I guess they are desperate for some lefty arms with only two southpaws listed on the staff. He induces a ground ball to second, then fields a grounder back up the box for out number two, but then Sean Jamieson smokes a double to left-center. Moko is hitting high-60s on the gun and gets Jacob Tanis to flight out to the track in left to get out of the inning unharmed. Logan Chitwood comes on for Vermont to close the night. A strikeout, a walk then a BOMB by Will Middlebrooks who has a home run in each of his three rehab games with the Spinners...make room Portland, Will is coming home! The Boss drives a long out to the track in leftfield and "The Hammer" strikes out to end the night.
Vermont WINS 7-3

8th Inning:
(Baseball if my wife blogged it...)The gray and green team got another run from someone who hit the ball really deep to centerfield over the head of the guy out there, and he almost made the catch running full speed, but he missed it, then it bounced off the walls and all these guys were running around and then they stopped when the ball got to the infield...it was exciting. (Translation...) Vermont adds one run to their total then T.J. Walz mows down the Spinners in order.
Vermont leads 7-1

After 7 Innings:
Nothing has moved on the scoreboard, but after a quick visit to the camera pits, I can confirm a Zach Daeges sighting! He is wearing a brace on his right wrist, similar to one I would wear if I got carpal tunnel...ahhh, the hazards of this job...wait, is it a job if you don't get paid? Hmmm...the things one ponders in the waning innings of a game decided long ago.
Vermont leads 6-1

5th Inning:
Another ugly top half for the Spinners...a good one for Vermont I suppose....complete with a walk, some hits, another steal of third base...but only one run for the Monsters. The Spinners first two batters go down quickly, then Keury gets hit by a pitch, but erases any possible rally when he gets caught stealing...hell of a throw, right on target by Diomedes Lopez...Diomedes...Diomedes...it's fun to say!
Vermont leads 6-1

4th Inning:
A leadoff double by Jacob Tanis looked to kick off another rough inning for the Spinners, especially after her stole third with a monster jump...but Huijer held tight and got a couple of balls in the air to the Boss at first before the run could cross. Travis Shaw rips a lined shot over the left-center field wall for a solo home run to get Lowell on the board. The rehabbing Will Middlebrooks flies out to right field, but his swing looks back to par and he should be ready to make the jump back to Portland very soon. No more noise is made, but Lowell gets one back...
Vermont leads 5-1

3rd Inning:
Uneventful all around, although Lowell did have back-to-back singles which were quickly negated when Kuery was picked off of first base ande Turocy failed to score.
Vermont leads 5-0

2nd Inning:
Things aren't getting any better for Cervenka here in the second inning. Chris Affinito led things off with a double to the deepest part of the ball park in center, followed by a Diomedes Lopez single, a walk to Aaron Shipman and fielders choice 6 to 4 by Neudy Clime to drive one in and make it 2-0 Vermont. Oh yeah, Lopez also drilled Cervenka with his single back up the box...so yeah, not a great start for Hunter. Another walk at the top of the order loaded the bases back up then Cervenka balked in Lopez, followed by a wild pitch to score Clime and ANOTHER wild pitch to score Jamieson on a ball four pitch to Jordan Tripp. YIKES! That escalted quickly. Cervenka appears to have been shaken up by the lined shot that drilled him earlier in the inning and Lowell brings in 6'9" Swen Huijer to try to stop the bleeding. The Lake Monsters bats around and take a 5-0 lead after 1 1/2. The Spinners have another ho-him set of at-bats with a K-looking by Will Middlebrooks, a walk by Boss Moanaroa, then two bad swings and fly outs by Schwindenhammer and Tim Roberson.
Vermont leads 5-0

1st Inning:
Vermont's Jordan Tripp with a sweet stroke of the bat guided a missle over the left field fence and off of the big board in the top half of the inning. The first two Lake Monster batters got good pieces of the ball as well off of Spinners' starter Hunter Cervenka, but both shots went to Keury De La Cruz in center. The Spinners went down 1-2-3 in the bottom half of the inning. Vermont leads 1-0

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