Wednesday, April 6, 2011

April Promos

With the new season upon us, we have to jump on the opening month promos immediately. Check out the best promotions for the month of April below, pick one (or two or three) and get out to the ballpark to root on your newest MiLB heroes….as if you need any additional incentive to go see a game after being pent up all winter long.

Of course we have the pomp and circumstance of Opening Day playing out in Portland, Manchester and Pawtucket on Thursday night, so we won’t include those dates in the listings. Also of note, the PawSox have 9 home games in April, but only 3 promos, one of which are Opening Night festivities which usually amount to a magnet schedule and some extra musicians on the field before the first pitch, so forgive our PawSox promos for the month. But enough about that, let’s see what we got coming up, shall we…

New Britain
April 18th Tote Bag Giveway/College Night - Celebrate Earth Day and get a free, Earth friendly tote bag to…uh…to tote your things around?! OR, celebrate College Night, get drink specials and let the fun begin! I can see these two factions having issues that may require some security intervention. Those rowdy Earth Day-ers always make it tough for the rest of us!
April 19th - 2011 Calendar Giveway – For those of us who slept straight through the “non-baseball” months of 2011, we now have a place to go to pick up a proper calendar for us to know when games are being played! January, February and March can screw!
April 29th Post Game Pyro Technic Show – I still don’t know what this is. It’s not fireworks and it’s not a laser show…it’s a fire show I guess. But seriously, who wouldn’t want to watch this go down, even without knowing what it is in the first place? The risk alone is enough to keep me interested…actually, it may be the only thing!

New Hampshire
April 13th- Chili Cookoff – The best chili recipes will be on the line and honestly, what better time to have this than April in New Hampshire. Try this one in July and get back to me! No one knows what their fans need for comfort more than the Fisher Cats organization, and this event is proof of that.
April 25th Dollar Dog Night – I constantly search other MiLB teams to see what’s promo-ing elsewhere and without hesitation, almost everyone outside of New England has some amazing “Dollar Beer Night” or “Thirsty Thursday” with drink specials! But not here in New England, we have “Dollar Hot Dog Night!” So until the day comes when the Puritans who still run New England finally buck up and give us cheap booze and baseball, we’ll be forced to shove cheap hot dogs down out gullet instead.
April 27th Chowder Fest - Yes, yes, I fully see the food theme here, but like with Chili Cookoff, at least we have us a nice, hearty, warm bowl full of goodness served up during what could very well be a chilly night baseball game. I’m wondering if anyone can take home the coveted “Dual Bowl Trophy” for taking both the Chili Cookoff and Chowder Fest…and yes I just made that up…and yes I will actually make this up if someone wins this!

April 30Shred It Event – Yeah, this is pretty much the highlight of the promo calendar for the PawSox. Sure they got a great team this season that should draw regardless what is being handed out at the gates. So instead of giving you something, you get to give them something…your trash! At least that trash that may contain pertinent information about yourself that you don’t feel safe simply tossing into a barrel. Bring it to McCoy on this night and you can have it all shredded, for what I assume will eventually turn into confetti to be strewn about the streets of Pawtucket following the PawSox International League title this season. No word on if they will be shreding Boston Red Sox season tickets yet.

Portland April 11thTurn the Clocks Ahead – This is the night when the Sea Dogs and the Trenton Thunder don the unis of their big clubs and bring a bit of the Sox/Yankees rivalry to Maine…and if I’m not mistaken, one of the Top 2 Yankee pitching prospects should be starting this one (either Dellin Betances or Manny Banuelos)…a must see game!

April 27th Jon Lester Bobblehead Giveaway – This one makes me fairly queasy after last season’s bobblehead/injury fest. Across the region last season teams gave away bobbleheads of Pedroia, Youk, Ellsbury, Cameron and Lowell…hopefully they reverse this horrific trend in 2011, because having a bobblehead of your ace come out this early in the season could be a very bad thing should the “Curse of the Bobble” return!

The following are the dates for firework nights following the respective games…
NB – 26th
NH – 8th, 22nd, 28th
PAW – 30th
POR - 22nd

Last but not least, Kraft is returning their fantastic Tuesday Night Ticket Promo, allowing you to get a free ticket to the game with the purchase of another ticket and a Kraft Singles wrapper! Click the image for more info.

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