Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Hitting the Links

The first “Hitting the Links” of 2011 is dedicated to friends and colleagues who I’ve come across along the road and whom I have great respect for. Please check out the following websites, bookmark them, and check in all season long because they all provide top notch coverage of this great game and I promise you that you will not regret visiting any of them:

Bus Leagues Baseball - These guys are doing great work all over the Minor League baseball world. They released a book of interviews they have made along the way and they continue to roll through a town near you. Always great, always fresh!

Hadlock Headlines – Game highlights, player of the week and daily updates make this a must for anyone looking to find out how the Portland Sea Dogs are doing.

Inside the Clubhouse with Mike Antonellis – Another Sea Dogs stalwart with a view from the announcer’s booth, this blog is maintained by Mike Antonellis, seven year radio voice for Portland. He has a great perspective on the game, being around the team all the time and he is also great to listen to (which you can do for FREE every single game).

Lip Service – This is a blog that covers sports in central Connecticut, with a heavy-handed dose of New Britain Rock Cats during the season. Ken Lipshez has been covering the Rock Cats since 1997, so there’s no denying that he knows his stuff. I almost always learn something new when I visit.

Jays Prospects – This crew of dedicated Blue Jays followers does an amazing job at stacking up all that the Toronto organization has to offer up-and-down their farm system. I may be slightly partial because I contribute their as well, but I only do so because the site is so loaded and because it’s an honor to be a part of it. From Las Vegas to New Hampshire to Dunedin, they’ve got you covered on all things Jays prospect related.

Penn League Report – I came across Dave Gershman via Twitter over the offseason and this kid is all baseball all the time. His own bio reads, “Host and Producer of the BtB Podcast Freelance New York Penn League Scout Columnist at The Score, Sports Haze, & Beyond the Box Score.” So needless to say he’s got his hands in some things, and they are all good! Dave does a great job drawing up his scouting reports and he already has me very anxious for the start of the Short-A New York-Penn League season.

Top Prospects Alert – The best of the best when it comes down to letting you who is doing what and how well! These guys are legit! They are on top of every prospect in the game, constantly Tweeting out player updates and making sure that the website is up-to-the-minute with stats and links. I implore you to get them on your rotation and your Twitter feed NOW!’s Jason Mastrodonato – This is just a gratuitous shout out to a friend who nailed down a nice gig for the season as a beat writer at, following the Red Sox during their home games. He’s a great writer who will bring a fresh perspective to things over on Yawkey Way, please give him some love throughout the year.

Additionally we will have more friends/colleagues listed throughout the season…god knows there are plenty of amazing scribes and baseball gurus out there. In the meantime, we leave you with the following link, which is normally how we format this segment around here:

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