Saturday, April 30, 2011

May Promos

May starts tomorrow, so check out what the new month has to offer for great promotions around the region.

New Britain
May 12th
Poster Giveaway/Thursday Happy Hour/Pre-Game Beer Tasting – So much to do, so much to see, so much to drink! Enter the gate, get a free team poster, taste-test some beers for free and get your pallet warmed up, then BOOM, take full advantage of the Thursday Happy Hour specials and it’s game on!
May 14th - Dancing Christopher/Sammy Saturdays – If you’ve ever wanted to see a one-man Village People or Jackson 5, then Dancing Christopher is the guy for you. If you haven’t, then Samuel Adams is the guy for you. Dancing Christopher, if somehow you haven’t seen him by this point in your life, is the dude who controls two dummies on either side of him, with all figures and himself dressed up as the aforementioned groups of yesteryear. Samuel Adams is the delicious beer that you can enjoy, with great specials in store at the Sam Adams Bar & Grill in the park.
May 21st/22ndZooperstars/BirdZerk! – This is a back-to-back mascot fest at New Britain Stadium, which is apropos seeing as the Rock Cats have a seemingly endless supply of their own mascots. Zooperstars (on the 21st) are the roving band of inflatable mascots that can do many things that the normal mascot simply cannot. BirdZerk! (on the 22nd) seems to be some sort of crazy, technicolored San Diego Chicken wannabe, with a few mascot pals along for the ride.

New Hampshire
May 7thOllie Bobblehead – Ollie is the loveable bat-retrieving dog who loyally picks up the lumber from the Fisher Cats batters after a hit. Last year, for some reason, Ollie seemed to have an aversion to the black bats that players would use, but he’s coming around this season and he becomes more of a fan favorite with each passing game. The bobblehead was only a matter of time. Only 1500 of these gems will be available, so be sure to get there early as these will go VERY fast.
May 18th- Wing Off – I am a wing fanatic, so this one is right up my alley. The Fisher Cats usually blow away the competition when it comes to the cookoffs they hold each month and the Wing Off keeps momentum in their favor. I’m 100% in for this fabulous event…I’ll be the guy pounding the Tums in the 3rd inning.
May 27thT-Shirt Giveaway – The first 1000 fans through the gate can cop themselves a fresh new Fisher Cats T…which you need because you are still wearing last year’s colors aren’t you? Step up your game, get the new red, white and blue color scheme going!

May 14th
Baseball Card Set – The first 5000 fans through the McCoy Stadium gates will get a 2010 PawSox Baseball Card Set compliments of Dunkin Donuts. This game also pits your beloved PawSox versus the Scranton/Wilkes Barre Yankees, so you got a Sox/Yankees angle here as well. Not enough you say?!!! Well how about a Motorcycle and Classic Car Show? Yeahhhhh, sounds like a damn good day at the ball park to me.
May 15thStar Wars Day – McCoy welcomes back your favorite characters from a galaxy far, far away. Come out and join the festivities and let your inner-geek fly. No word on who is throwing out the first pitch, which gets me wondering which Star Wars characters I would pick for a starting pitching staff? I think I’d go Chewbacca as my ace because you can’t have enough flame-throwing eight footers on the bump. He may even be a lefty on top of it all! Then I’d round it out with Solo, Calrissian, Fett and Akbar (because he always knows when it’s a trap).
May 27th/28thTravel Mug Giveaway/Photo Ball Giveaway - 3000 PawSox travel mugs will be given out on the 27th and 3000 PawSox photo baseballs will be handed out on the 28th. The choice is yours, or...just hear me out here…maybe you love anything with a PawSox logo on it, so maybe you get to both games and try to get both of these items?! Just a suggestion…a pretty damn awesome suggestion.

May 24th
Mike Piazza Dog Tricks – The name of this promo alone has me VERY intrigued. Will the former All-Star catcher be doing things a dog normally does? Is there a dog out there with a sick mustache who calls a great game behind the dish (the home plate variety, not the food receptacle)? It also falls on “Bark in the Park” night, so you can bring your dog to Hadlock to find out exactly what this is all about.
May 26thKevin Youkilis Bobblehead – So far, so good with regards to a return of 2010’s “Curse of the Bobblehead!” Last month’s Jon Lester Bobblehead Giveaway has not yielded an injury to Boston’s ace as of this posting…hopefully Youk’s fate is a similar one, although he was one of the many plagued by the “CURSE OF THE BOBBLEHEAD” last year.
May 30thPlay Catch of the Field – This is one of my favorite promos that pops-up all over the place throughout the season, but this is the first one noted around these parts this year, so we must make light of it. Who wouldn’t want to toss the ol’ rawhide in the shadows of the Maine Monster?!

For those who love the rockets red glaring and the bombs bursting in air(ing?), then here is the listing for FIREWORKS nights:
New Britain – 13th
New Hampshire – 6th, 10th, 27th, 28th
Pawtucket – 29th
Portland – 6th

And don’t forget about the best season-long promo running; the KRAFT Singles Tuesday Night Tickets promo, where you can buy 1 ticket and get a free 1 when you bring a wrapper from any KRAFT singles wrapper to the box office. Click the logo for more details…

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